Below are some common API endpoints used in rating and shipping. 


/api/v1/Authorize/Validate (GET)
- Check to see if a token is valid


/api/v1/Order (GET)   - Returns a list of orders that matches the passed in parameters.

/api/v1/Order/{id} (GET) - Returns information for a given order Id.

/api/v1/Order/QuerySingle (POST) - Search for a specific order based on passed in criteria.

/api/v1/Order/Create (POST) - Create a new order in the Desktopshipper Cloud Order Manager.


/api/v1/Rate/AddressVerify (POST) - Verifies and returns a corrected addresses if needed.

/api/v1/Rate/Service (GET) - Returns a list of services and service groups tied to your client Id.


/api/v1/Ship (POST) - Request a shipping label to be created.

/api/v1/Ship/{id}/UnVoid (GET) - Change the internal status of a voided order to its original unvoided state.

/api/v1/Ship/{id}/Void (GET) - Request a shipment to be voided. Will reach out to carrier APIs and Order Management system if applicable.

/api/v1/Ship/Close (GET) - Retrieve a list of carriers that are ready to be closed out.

/api/v1/Ship/Close (POST) - Initiate the end of day procedure for a carrier.