1. Rate - this call is used to rate a package using a rating optionId, which is either a service group or specific carrier code.
Endpoint /api/v1/Rate (POST)

ProfileId* int64 - Id of the shipping profile attached to the order.  
RatingOptionId string - can be a carrier service group or specific carrier code
requestedRateMethod string
LocationId* int64 
To* object - ship address (AvsAddress model). 
From* object  - from address (BaseAddress model).
Return* object - return address (BaseAddress model). 
Packages* array[object]  - (PackageInfo model)
ThirdPartyBillingInformation object - ThirdPartyBillingInformation model
AmazonInformation object - OrderAmazonPrimeInformation model (view details below)
OrderId int64 
SalesChannelId int64 
DateAdvanceDays int32 
MarketSecondaryKey string
OrderShipMethods object - OrderRequestedShippingFields model (view details below) (Default value: null)

IsAmazonPrimeShipment boolean
AmazonRegion int64
MarketOrderId string

CarrierClass string
RequestedShipMethod string
RequestedReturnShipMethod string

ServiceFlags is an array of zero or more of any of the following: BPM MM MP
BPM = Bound Printed Matter
MM = Media Mail
MP = Marketing Parcel
1) Expand the call section to view request details, and click the " Try it out" button. 

2) Parameters. Paste your rate request object into the Parameters section. 

If you need to view details about the parameters you need to pass in, click on "Model". 

3) Execute. Click the button to execute your request.