Models used in rate and ship calls
* indicates field is required

1. CarrierRate
2. AncillaryRate
3. TransitTime
4. CarrierContract
5. PickupTimeRange
6. SpecialService
7. ItemizedCharge
8. PostalFieldsRatedValues
9. VSBPackageDocument
10. ShipmentRate
11. CarrierAccountFieldMapping
12. ServiceOption,
13. OptionItem
14. Image
15. ThirdPartyBilling
16. ZPLPrintOptions

1. CarrierRate:
RecId  int32 
CarrierService string
BaseCharge decimal
Value decimal
DisplayRateType  int32 - Enum: [0 = PUB, 1 = NEG] ( Default value: NEG)
TypeUsedForWriteback boolean - ( Default value: true)
SecondaryRateType object - AncillaryRate model (view below)
CarrierCode string
IntCode string
Carrier string
Class string
TransitTime object - TransitTime model (view below)
usedByAccountNumber string
usedByAccountType int32
displayAccountType int32
forCarrierContract object - CarrierContract model (view below)
sampleMode boolean
specialServiceFilterList string
flagsRequirementsList string
flagsRestrictionsList string
defaultBoxId string
effectiveBoxId string
boxClassFilter string
isActive boolean
forceRequireCustoms boolean
UI_Visible boolean
requiresPickupTimeRange boolean
pickTimeRange object - PickupTimeRange model (view below)
endiciaServiceLevel string
pitneyServiceLevel string
dhl_ProductAbbr string
boxIdFilter string
weightRangeMinOz decimal?
weightRangeMaxOz decimal?
zone string 
dbIsDOM boolean - ( Default value: false)
dbIsINTL boolean - ( Default value: false)
insuranceType int32 - ( Default value:0)
specialServicesForRate array[object] - SpecialService model (view below)
resolvedBox object - PackagingData model
resolvedWeight decimal
resolvedBilledWeight decimal
weightCalculation string
mailerId string
pickupId string
permitNo string
sortIn string
sortOut string
SortE1 string
SortE2 string
SortE3 string
SortE4 string
SortE5 string
SortE6 string
SortE7 string
RRDProductId string
ProductId string
MailType string
SortProductId string
SortMailType string
SortFacilityId string - ( Default value: null)
CurrencyType string - ( Default value: "USD")
ItemizedCharges array[object] - ItemizedCharge model (view below)
DimWeightUsed boolean - ( Default value: false)
DimWeight decimal? - ( Default value: null)
DimFactor decimal? - ( Default value: null)
DimWeightUnitOfM string - ( Default value: null)
SecondaryAccountNumber string - ( Default value: null)
ServiceUIDisplaySuffix string
IsAmazonRate boolean - ( Default value: false)
ServiceOfferingId string
PostalAncillaryData object - PostalFieldsRatedValues model ( Default value: null) (view below)
PrimaryDocuments array[object] - VSBPackageDocument model ( Default value: null) (view below)
OptionalDocuments array[object] - VSBPackageDocument model ( Default value: null) (view below)
ShipmentInfo object - ShipmentRate model ( Default value: null) (view below)
RateFailMsg string - ( Default value: null)
CubicRatio decimal? - ( Default value: null)
CarrierMappingFields array[object] - CarrierAccountFieldMapping model (view below)
SupportedLabelTypes array[string]
LabelVersion string
ReturnServiceEnabled boolean - (Default value: false)

2. AncillaryRate
AncillaryRateType int32 - enum InternalRateType { 0 = PUB, 1 = NEG }
BaseCharge decimal
Value decimal

3. TransitTime
BusinessDaysInTransit int32
BusinessDays string - (readOnly : true)
EstimatedDeliveryDays int32
EstimatedDelivery string
EstimatedDeliveryDate string(datetimeoffset)

4. CarrierContract
Type int32 - enum { VisibleRatePlan = 0, NSA = 1}
Id string
SecondaryValue string

5. PickupTimeRange
RequestedStart  string(datetimeoffset)
RequestedStart  string(datetimeoffset)
PromisedStart string(datetimeoffset)
PromisedEnd string(datetimeoffset)

6. SpecialService
CarrierId string - contains base service int code, not used in shipping
ServiceCode string - service key
ServiceDescription string - service name
IsSelected boolean 
Amount string
AmountData decimal
Value decimal -linked service value
PreReqKeyList string - at least 1 of these services on when this SS on
ExclusionKeyList string - all services/options off when this SS on
LinkedKeyList string - if any of these services available, automatically toggle on when this SS on
DefaultServiceMaxValue decimal
DefaultServiceMaxAmount decimal
VSBFlagType string
LinkedServiceJSON string
DefaultServiceJSON string
USPSRequiredForm string
AllowCustomerEntry boolean - not used in shipping
IsRestrictOrRequireFlag boolean
VSBFlagObjectName string
VSBObjectSetValue string
VSBObjectLabel string
VSBObjectDescription string
SSDropDownOptions array[object] - SpecialService model
OptionLabel string - only used for type L: service description of the dropdown object
AdditionalServiceOptions array[object] - ServiceOption model (view below)
CarrierSpecificData dynamic 

7. ItemizedCharge
Name string
Amount decimal

8. PostalFieldsRatedValues
SortName string
SortCode string
BMC string
EntryFacility string
eVSCompanyName string

9. VSBPackageDocument
DocumentTitle* string
WasRequestedByUser boolean
PackageRootId int64?
PackageId* string
IsMutuallyExclusive* boolean - ( Default value: true)
IsSelected boolean
SaveSuccessful boolean -when saving to VSB
SaveResultMsg string -when saving to VSB
RawDocumentImage array[object] - Image model (view below)
ForCarrier int32 - enum ClientAccountType
NumberOfPhysicalCopies int32
DocumentFields array[object] - DocumentUserInputItem model

10. ShipmentRate
ShipmentId* string
PackageIds array[string]
TotalPackageCount* int32

11. CarrierAccountFieldMapping
CarrierFieldLabel string
CarrierFieldValue string
DSOMFieldLabel string
DSOMFieldStrValue string

12. ServiceOption
Name string
Value string
Type string
Options array[object] - OptionItem model (view below)

13. OptionItem
Key string
Value string

14. Image
ImageB64Str string
ImageRawData array[byte]
PixelHeight string
PixelWidth string
ImageFormat string
ImageName string
Sequence int32
S3Link string

15. ThirdPartyBilling
SaveToShippingAccount boolean
ExternalOrderMappedValue string
Source int32 - enum ThirdPartyBillingSources { Manual = 0, Order = 1, ThirdPartyAccount = 2}
Type int32 - enum ClientAccountType
FreightBillAccount string
AccountNumber string
AccountName string
BillingAddress object - BasicAddress model
FieldMappings array[object] - CarrierAccountFieldMappings model (view details above)

16. ZPLPrintOptions
PrintingHorizontalOffset int32 - (default value: 0)
PrintingVerticalOffset int32 - (default value:0)
PrintZebraReverse boolean - (default value: false)
PrintingDarkness int32 - (default value: 0)
PrintShipToPhone boolean? - (default value: null)
PrintSpeed int32? - (default value: null)
PrintOrderIdBarcode boolean - (default value: null)
DHLIntlPkgidPrefix string - (default value: null)
UPSMIUseServiceCodeCostCenter boolean - (default value: null)