Getting Started

Welcome to DesktopShipper's Public API. You can use this page to access DesktopShipper's API endpoints. 

1. Authentification
2. Sending a Request
3. API Endpoints


1. Get your API Token

If you don't have an account with DesktopShipper Cloud, you can register here.

If you already have an existing account, email to get an API token

2. Validate your token. You will need to be authorized before you can send API requests.

Click the green " Authorize" button in the top-right corner of the page.

In the window that shows up, under Bearer, enter " Bearer {token}" into the textbox. For example if your token is " xxxx" enter " Bearer xxxx". Then click " Authorize".

Select " Close" to exit the window. 

To check if your token is valid, you can click on the endpoint /api/v1/Authorize/Validate, under the Authorize section. 

Click on Try it out > Execute

If your token is not valid, you will get a 401 Unauthorized response. If it's valid, you should get a status  200 response. 

You can now send requests through DesktopShipper's Public API. 

Sending a Request 

To send a request, click on the request to expand the section.  Fill in any parameters that are required and click "Execute".

Request types
GET requests data from the server
POST sends data changes to the server
PUT revises existing data
DELETE deletes existing data

The request response will return the following components that will tell you if the request was successful. 

1. Status - The DS Public API will return standard HTTP status codes. 
200 - OK - Request succeeded. 
204 - No Content - Request was successful, but no content was returned in the body.
400 - Bad Request - The request was not understood by the server because something was wrong with it. 
401 - Unauthorized - This typically means your authorization isn't valid. Make sure you have a valid API token. For the Public API the token should be prefaced with Bearer {token}. 
403 - Forbidden - This could mean either you weren't authorized, or the auth token you have doesn't have access to the end point you are trying to access. 
500 - Server Error - Something unexpected occurred on the server side while trying to process your request.

2. Body
If the request was successful, the body will return information depending on the type of request
For GET requests, the body will return the requested information
For POST requests, the body will return the result of the post action 

API Endpoints

Below are some common API endpoints used in rating and shipping. 


For more information, go to the Order API help page.

/api/v1/Order (GET)   - Returns a list of orders that matches the passed in parameters.

/api/v1/Order/{id} (GET) - Returns information for a given order Id.

/api/v1/Order/QuerySingle (POST) - Search for a specific order based on passed in criteria

/api/v1/Order/Create (POST) - Create a new order in the Desktopshipper Cloud Order Manager


/api/v1/Rate/AddressVerify (POST) - Verifies and returns a corrected addresses if needed.

/api/v1/Rate/Service (GET) - Returns a list of services and service groups tied to your client Id.


/api/v1/Ship (POST) - Request a shipping label to be created.

/api/v1/Ship/{id}/UnVoid (GET) - Change the internal status of a voided order to its original unvoided state.

/api/v1/Ship/{id}/Void (GET) - Request a shipment to be voided. Will reach out to carrier APIs and Order Management system if applicable.

/api/v1/Ship/Close (GET) - Retrieve a list of carriers that are ready to be closed out

/api/v1/Ship/Close (POST) - Initiate the end of day procedure for a carrier